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*Important* No Overloading – If your skip is overloaded, the driver reserves the right to refuse to lift the skip or advise of an extra overload charge. However, it is always an option for you to remove the extra waste prior to skip removal. Meaning that the skip must be brought back down to a level load.

*Please note we cannot accept soil-stone-rubble in skips mixed with other waste types ,if you are disposing soil-stone-rubble no other waste is allowed in the skip (Please call us if you require more information)

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Mini Skip Hire Dublin 2.5yd 

Our mini skip can hold between 20 and 30 black bags and is mainly used by customers for their small house or garden jobs. This is one of our most popular products for residential customers because of its small size and large capacity.

The Mini Skip For Small Projects

This small skip is just the thing for all your small projects. Whether you’re having a clear out or doing your back garden, you’ll find plenty of room in this 2.5-yard skip. Sometimes you just don’t have enough to fill a standard sized skip but a little too much for a skip bag and this is where the mini comes it.

The mini is 2.5 cubic yards and offers enough room for all your small projects and yet it still won’t take up a lot of room. It’s convenient and small enough to fit on any driveway.

Mini Skip Measurements

Length: 1.8288 Metres (6 feet)
Width: 1.22 Metres (4 feet)
Height: 0.92 Metres (3 feet)
Top Width: 1.9 Metres (6.25 feet)

Contact one of our expert staff now to order your mini skip from Dublin Skip Hire. We deliver throughout the country and can arrange a delivery time that suits you. Call the office now or use the order button on the website and we will be in touch.


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