What to Know Before a Skip Hire Dublin

Did you know that skip hires aren’t the norm in the rest of the world? Only a few countries have skips available to hire. We don’t know how they manage their trash at all. Before you go around looking for a suitable service here are some things you should look into for a good skip hire in Dublin:

·        Permit

The first and foremost thing that you need is a permit. This is in case of large skip which will be placed on the streets. Obtaining these permits is not really all that difficult, you can just look up what the requirements of your council are. Either that or the company you choose as your skip provider will apply for a permit on your behalf.

·        Size

Before you look for a skip hire in Dublin, you need to first be sure about the size of the skip you’re going to need. Skips come in four sizes, starting from ones that are small enough to fit in your house to ones that are large enough to gather at least a week’s worth of waste. You need to make sure which one is most suited to your needs. You can even opt for two small skips instead of a big one but remember to be sure of what your requirements are beforehand.

·        Where to place your skip

The position you decide to place your skip depends entirely on your convenience. But you also have to make sure that it is not placed somewhere that obstructs other drivers or causes other residents to complain. It’s preferred that you pick a spot that is an empty plot and is easily accessible by the skip wagon driver as well. After all, you don’t want a pile of waste to be right outside your house, do you?

It’s important to realise that you should give a lot of thought to where you will place the skip because once it is placed, it cannot be moved from there after you put waste in it.

·        What you can dispose in it

Usually, when people opt for a skip hire Dublin, they think that it is possible to throw away anything and everything in it, however, this is not true. While you don’t have to worry much about what you can throw in it, you have to still pay attention that it is not any device or something that could be hazardous to health, for example, batteries and aerosols.

Before you go for a skip hire in Dublin, it’s best to keep these points in mind and then you’ll be good to go. It’s definitely a good decision that will further promote waste management and keep the streets clean.

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